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2016 October

Biting the Bullet: Why the UK Is Free to Revoke Its Withdrawal Notification under Article 50 TEU

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‘There is no going back.’ These were the words of Lord Pannick, uttered before the High Court in response to the question whether the United Kingdom could rescind its notification to withdraw from the European Union once issued under Article 50 TEU (Santos and M v Secretary of State for Exiting The European Union, uncorrected transcripts, p. 17). The claimants and the Government appear to agree on this point and accept that the UK cannot reverse its notification of withdrawal. This post explains why this position does not reflect the law.

2012 December

CLEER Working Paper 2012/6

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The purpose of this working paper is to assess the role of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the crisis management operations led by the EU. It brings together contributions from recognized experts originally presented at the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) of the TMC Asser Institute at The Hague.

2011 February

EU Competence in CFSP

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I am currently working on the legal nature and limits of the European Union's competence in the field of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. I have written up some of my thoughts in this paper; a more comprehensive article will follow at a later date. One of the aims of the Lisbon Treaty was

2010 November

The European Union and Conflict Prevention: Policy and Legal Aspects / Vincent Kronenberger and Jan Wouters

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Vincent Kronenberger and Jan Wouters (eds), The European Union and Conflict Prevention: Policy and Legal Aspects (T.M.C. Asser Press, The Hague, 2004). It has frequently been observed that conflict prevention lies at the very heart of the European integration process. Indeed, back in 1950 the Schuman Declaration called for the unification of Europe as a

2010 November

Die Verteidigungspolitik der Europäischen Union / Sebastian Graf von Kielmansegg

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Sebastian Graf von Kielmansegg, Die Verteidigungspolitik der Europäischen Union: Eine rechtliche Analyse [The Defence Policy of the European Union: A Legal Analysis] (Boorberg Verlag, Stuttgart, 2005) ISBN 3-415-03565-4 (pbk), EUR 52.00 (pbk), 552pp. The book reviewed here offers a legal analysis of the military aspects of the ESDP. Originally submitted as a doctoral dissertation at