The Crisis in Ukraine: Legal and Strategic Aspects

On 17 November 2014, we hosted a seminar on the crisis in the Ukraine. Adopting a familiar format, we discussed the legal and strategic aspects of recent developments with the help of two speakers. Dr Tamás Hoffmann of Corvinus University Budapest gave as an insight into the questions of international law raised by the internal turmoil in the country, the subsequent events in the Crimea and the current conflict raging in the Donbass region. Dr Hoffmann contributed to this event whilst visiting and teaching at Exeter Law School as part of our Erasmus programme exchanges. We then turned to Dr Daniel Steed from the Strategy and Security Institute, who offered an overview of the bigger strategic picture and gave us a detailed local and regional forecast of the likely strategic developments.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion. Many thanks to our contributors and participants for another great event. The seminar formed part of the Exeter Research Programme on International Law and Military Operations.